Jardim Oceânico is a noble suburb of Barra da Tijuca, a region of small buildings and where it has the first constructions of the neighborhood. Nowadays it is known for its bohemia, its streets have bars for all tastes, charming bistros with tiled walls and beer always cold. To hear, there is a bit of everything in the clubs around: rock, samba, and even the famous junction of the two rhythms, samba-rock. All this nocturnal excitement atracts young people, artists and celebrities that circulate through the hot spots looking for fun and flirt.

Its main street is Olegário Maciel where charming bakeries, restaurants, pharmacies and supermarkets operate, all within a walking distance without the need to use any kind of transportation.

There is also the beautiful and famous Pepê beach, which stretches along Pepê avenue, near Quebra Mar, where sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding take place. There’s also plenty of room for volleyball and frescobol too. The spaces are organized and great to spend the day. You see lots of families and locals, won’t bump into lots of tourists.

Discover how agitation and tranquility coexist in this peculiar neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.